The Insight Gift


How much do you really know about your customer? If you had to buy them the perfect gift, would you know what to get?

Imagine you’re buying a present for someone you don’t know very well…you might choose some wine or a nice box of chocolates, as you know you can’t really go wrong with these! But, had you have known them better, you could have bought them something a little more personal – maybe some new trainers to help with their upcoming marathon or a new paintbrush that really helps with their usual style of painting. It’s far more meaningful and shows you’ve really thought about them!

So, why not take five minutes out to get to know your customer? Ask them a few open questions like, ‘What do you get up to in your spare time?’ or ‘If you could wave a magic wand, what would you do?’.

Gaining insight allows you the opportunity to offer the perfect gift. For example, if someone hardly sees their partner because of their job and commitments to their kids, the offer of a trusted babysitter and a weekend away would fill them with joy! By posing this more insightful, thoughtful present, they feel a sense of being treasured and understood. You’ve spent time thinking about them and helped solve a problem.

It’s important to know what makes your customers tick, so that what you can offer them is meaningful and they’ll take you up on it without even thinking.

Think about your business or product as a gift – what do your customers really want? Not something typical that you’d offer to others, but something they’d find really compelling.

They’ll bite your hand off for it, they’ll remember you and they’ll come back for more. That’s the gift of insight.