Our journey started in 2010, with a single question, What makes people creative? Creativity comes in several shapes and sizes, whether it be developing beautiful pieces of art or writing a bestseller, to the most complex mathematical equations…all are the creations of our minds.

Back then we conducted some primary research into how people think, and spoke to a range of professionals from varied backgrounds such as designers, authors, a mathematician, Russian gangster, neuroscientist and a cold case policeman.

The results were fascinating.

All were experts in thinking differently to achieve an outstanding result. The Russian gangster would focus on how to be devious and evade the law without being caught, whilst the Policeman would be thinking how can he go back into cold cases, look at the processes the criminals went through, discover their thought pattern and step into their shoes to solve the investigation.

We found a remarkable degree of commonality in the process they all went through, as well as some very interesting common behaviours. Although different scenarios, there was a lot of parallel between the process they undertook to be successful – prepare, space and create.

This is where we began.

Using what we learned we developed a series of processes and behaviours that help businesses deliver new ways of thinking, developing a set of tools that help make a difference to
everyone involved.


Who we are

We have more than 200 years of combined experience – with the commercial savvy & ‘know how’ that comes from running big businesses and understanding the challenges required to deliver results. We are all practitioners in what we train, coach and facilitate to help gain great results with everyone we work with.




Helen is a chemist turned business leader and thrives on enabling people and businesses improve, change and grow. She is a self-confessed ‘improver’, and her reward is seeing those lightbulb moments when people make a new discovery and take away a flash of insight and understanding that will last forever.

Specialism: Helping people think differently and making a positive impact.



New Business Development, Innovation Trainer and Facilitator

With an Economics degree and over ten years’ experience in leading contracts, launching new business units and entering new markets, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He enjoys working new ideas through with others and witnessing those ideas become reality and make a real difference.

Specialism: Business Model Design, Contract Management and Negotiation



Capabilities Coach

Pam loves to turn business problems into practical solutions, and with her background in HR, Discovery Insights and MBTI, she approaches challenges in a people-centric, pragmatic and thought out manner. Her ultimate goal is to make a difference and enable people have the courage to change.

Specialism: Soft skills, Coaching & training using the Contribution Curve



Innovation Trainer and Facilitator
& Contribution Coach

Michaela enjoys working through a challenge, both mentally and physically. With a background in marketing and strategy, she has a realistic approach to situations, and brings with her the energy and enthusiasm to make change happen!

Specialism: Helping people and businesses realise their potential



Innovation Trainer and Facilitator
& Contribution Coach

Claire is adept at working with technically brilliant people (especially lawyers and accountants) to enable them to be better at soft skills. She loves helping people to come up with creative solutions to challenging problems and making change happen.

Specialism: Enabling change through personal and team growth



Contribution and CEO Coach

With 10 years under his belt as a coach, mentor and confidante to ambitious people, Peter is a catalyst for growth. He combines 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and engineering businesses with highly developed soft skills to help people build confidence and flourish in order to achieve their dreams.

Specialism: Coaching and mentoring, especially in manufacturing and engineering businesses



Operations and Projects Director

Having spent 20 years as an internal change catalyst with Mondelez, Gerwin knows what it takes to manage complex stakeholder networks to implement simplicity programmes, successfully bringing new ideas to market. Naturally collaborative and organised, he has a cool head and tenacity to ensure that stuff gets done.

Specialism: Supply chain strategy



Personal Assistant

Sara has worked in increasingly senior roles in the manufacturing and services industry for the last twenty two years including two F1 Teams. As a PA working at the highest levels, she has gained a wide range of experience and skills in project management, marketing, accounts, customer relations and hospitality, as well as general administration.

Specialism: Organisation, Customer relations and hospitality.



Accounts and Security Officer

Rachel has an innate love of numbers, having worked as an IT manager previously. She enjoys seeing successful projects through from inception to completion and making sure all the figures stack up! She also likes a good geological formation and can ‘talk rocks’ being a Geologist at heart.

Specialism: Numbers



Graphic Recording and Visual Communication Expert

With over 15 years experience lecturing in forms of visual and graphic communication, Jenny loves providing and researching knowledge on how to expand the potential of visual communication. She gets her buzz from helping others achieve, and providing the tools to unlock their creative potential.

Specialism: Visual communication and creative thinking