What do a Russian Gangster, a Neuroscientist, and a Mathematician have in common?

They think differently. Not all are ‘traditionally creative’ but all are experts in thinking differently to achieve a cracking result, whether it be writing a bestseller or rehabilitating stroke victims.  And that is what’s fascinating … More

Anyone can think differently!

Everyone’s brain naturally forms neural pathways or ‘mental ruts’ – but if you apply stimulus to the brain it forms new pathways, helping you to think differently.

Treehouse helps you learn to ‘think differently’. Whether you’re looking for that next ‘big idea’, trying to improve staff motivation or need a strategy to improve profit, our innovative programmes provide that stimulus in an inspiring, fun, deliberate and effective way. It works for everyone in any field.  We have seen proof of this time and again in businesses as diverse as Twinings and the Ministry of Defence.

Do your managers need to think differently?

Are your managers getting the best out of your staff?  It’s true that your best asset walks out of the building at the end of the day.  The problem is, if they’re not being managed effectively, your best staff will walk out and not come back. Our free online diagnostic will tell you, in just a few minutes, the difference your managers are making to the success of your business through your people.


Go on, take the 15 minute challenge!

It only takes 15 minutes on the phone to find out if we can help you and your team think differently.  You tell us about your business and then ask what you want to know about ours. You choose if you want to meet us to talk more.  That’s it! Everyone’s time is precious, but that 15 minutes could make a remarkable difference to  your business, what have you got to lose?