“We look to work with clients who put us through our paces and
stimulate our thinking.”

Discover more about our work with these four partners:

As part of BAE’s move towards being a more service orientated company, they wanted to increase the amount of contribution made towards achieving the company’s vision, mission and goals. Understand how our Contribution Curve programme supported them in this challenge.

Working with various departments within the MoD, we used our TREEANGLE programme to help train experts in thinking differently, thus giving them a new angle to approach challenges. Find out more about how successful this approach was.

Simmons & Simmons have an annual promotion round where they promote high performing lawyers to the next level of seniority. Discover how we supported this move using our bespoke Promotion Academy programme, equipping their lawyers with the non-technical skills to do their new job.

A number of large departments within the MoD look towards their supply chain to deliver innovative solutions – read how we helped facilitate and streamline this approach using the Innovation Bank, allowing everyone to contribute in delivering the perfect solution to any innovation challenge.