Why do I need to think differently?

Einstein said :

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”.

If your results need to change you need to think differently. The more complicated your problems are, the more different your thinking needs to be. If you’ve reached a brick wall then stop bashing your head against it, think differently– go round it, over it, under it, or another way entirely!


What is creativity and innovation?

Thinking differently is a mental process, the output of which is an innovation – a new idea, invention or way of doing something. We prefer the term ‘thinking differently’ to ‘being creative’ because it actually reflects how our brains work.  Many people believe they are not creative, but there’s no reason why everyone can’t think differently.

What is Managing Contribution?

Contribution is about thinking differently in the way you manage people.

Managing people solely on their performance; their productivity or ability to meet targets, centres on what they do and not how they do it.  Concentrating on the difference a person makes to your business, rather than their performance, brings sustained benefits to your workforce and creates a more enjoyable work life.

The result is an engaged and motivated workforce, less stress and a generally more enjoyable work life.

What is the TREEANGLE?

The TREEANGLE is our creative thinking methodology which we use to facilitate, coach and train you to think differently. It was developed from primary research into how creative experts use their brain to solve problems. It comprises three elements – a process, behaviours and tools, to help you deliver great results by thinking differently. See  Courses, Talks and Facilitation for more inspiration.

What are Insights?

Insights can be a very powerful tool. Truly understanding your customers or your staff, what makes them tick, why they behave in a certain way and what motivates them, gives you the edge over your competitors and allows you to target your customers in a highly relevant and engaging manner.

Insightful communication is key to marketing success, product development and creating brands that get noticed.

Our TREEANGLE approach to gaining insights will help you to improve communications with your staff, your customers and your partners, giving you a clearer more engaging voice.

What is Strategic Planning?

At the heart of every impactful brand and business lies Strategic Planning. Our simple and pragmatic 6 step approach will show you how to create a structure for thorough analysis, which is then used as a basis for defining strategies and plans that will deliver the impact your brand needs.

How does the Managing Contribution Programme work?


We run the programme for a group of managers who, by working together, help to increase their own contributions to their business through their people. This starts on an individual basis and then spreads out to their  teams.  The result is to build a shared vision which they all support each other in achieving, helping to create interdependent relationships between each other.


The programme runs for around 10 months during which time their part of the organisation is transformed in terms of improved effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.




Who is Managing Contribution Suitable For?

The programme is suitable for any Managers who are responsible for the performance of a team and who want to get the very best out of each individual within that team.

Managers are usually people who trained in a specialism, became good at what they did and then found themselves in charge of other people without being given any support in how to manage that team.

Our Managjng Contribution programme helps managers master the mindset and skills needed to help manage the success of their team and the business, not just some of the tasks done in it.





Do you do training?

Yes! We believe in sustainable creativity – equipping you and your team with the skills and confidence to think differently day in, day out, forever. For you, it is an investment in your most valuable asset – your people.  If they are trained how to think differently, your business will reap the benefits both now and in the future.

What sort of training do you do?

We have a range of refreshing, pragmatic training activities and programmes from, learning lunches, inspiring talks and applied training workshops to Creativity Champions Programmes and coaching.  Most importantly, every programme is tailored to fit your needs, there is no ‘one size fits all’.

Do you do facilitation?

Yes! We facilitate workshops to help you come up with bigger, better, faster ideas that deliver real results. We work with you to define your business challenge, help you create your own solution and build team engagement. Our workshops culminate in well thought through action plans which your team will be motivated to implement straight away.

How do you ensure the training sticks?

We structure our training and follow up support to build both skills and confidence. We recommend a support package following the initial training workshop which includes a coaching programme, to build confidence, and technical helpline, to build skills.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies as generally our training is tailored to your team’s needs, but as a guide, our Learn ‘n’ Go one day course is in the region of £395 per person for 12 delegates exc VAT, venue and expenses.

Where do you do it?

Near your team! We recommend an off-site venue for day or more courses and on site for shorter courses. Whatever the venue it should support great learning and thinking differently – for example we have been to Bristol Zoo, barns in the Cotswolds and English Heritage Forts on the South Coast.

I work in a technical environment with scientists and engineers facing some tricky challenges – will this work for me?

Yes!  Everyone can be creative because it’s just about applying the right stimulus! We provide that stimulus in an inspiring, fun, deliberate and effective way. It works for everyone in any field.  We have seen proof of this time and again in businesses as diverse as Twinings and the Ministry of Defence. See our Case Studies  for more proof.

What challenges do your thinking differently techniques work for?

Any! Our innovation and creative training techniques are incredibly versatile and can help you think differently whatever your challenge – from how to save lives in Afghanistan to creating impactful marketing plans, motivating the least engaged staff, to what to buy Great Aunt Flo for Christmas. We have yet to find a challenge to which it cannot be applied – try us!