Managing people solely on their performance; their productivity or ability to meet targets, centres on what they do and not how they do it.  Concentrating on the difference a person makes to your business, rather than their performance, brings significant and sustained benefits to your workforce and creates a more enjoyable work life.

We call it Managing Contribution.  See how we helped BAE’s senior and middle managers to think differently about how they manage their staff.

What is Managing Contribution?

Objectives of the Managing Contribution Programme

To enable managers to think differently about how they lead their teams to allow everyone to contribute more.  This is important because how Managers think, feel and act directly impacts how their teams contributeto the success of your business.

How Does it Work?

The Result

  • The right people doing the right stuff: Managers free up their time by delegating work to the right people. Then they can look further ahead to better plan and prepare for the future, and make longer term changes in their operating environment.
  • Motivated people: People in the organisation understand what they are trying to achieve, and do the things they are good at and interested in. 
  • Collaboration: managers and functional groups collaborate to help each other succeed and all internal and external customer and supplier relationships work smoothly.
  • Tangible, significant results: this leads to greatly improved communication, engaged and motivated staff, greater efficiency, less waste, better staff retention and most importantly, happy customers.

What Does the Programme Look Like?

A typical programme comprises:

1. Personal 1:1 mentoring with an independent, highly-skilled Treehouse Contribution Coach to help people move up their Contribution Curves and make more difference to the business. 2. Three or more workshops such as; Introduction to Contribution, Creating a Compelling Vision & Mission, Planning and Prioritising your Time, Coaching and having Fierce Conversations, Networking and Managing your Reputation and a Final Springboard workshop – to put in place the right conditions for everyone to develop and grow. 3. Discussion forums moderated by Treehouse, generally held once a month on a relevant topic at that time, usually held as a webinar. This enables your people to share common issues and together figure out what works best. 4. E-learning for the wider team (including suppliers, customers and other stakeholders for whom you think it could add value) – a simple introduction to Managing Contribution to enable the wider team to understand the new language and play their part.

See how we helped BAE’s senior and middle managers to think differently about how they manage their staff.

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