February 16th, 2012

The challenge

QinetiQ is one of the largest defence contractors in the country and act as a resource for the Ministry of Defence. The challenge they posed to us was how can we use internal and external expertise to generate new ideas for the novel application of illusion techniques whilst engaging the fund-holder in this new area? The specifics of this challenge are classified.

How did treehouse help?

We ran a two day facilitated workshop – Day 1 included illusion experts sourced from unusual industries as well as QinetiQ and MoD stakeholders, to inspire very different thinking and Day 2 transferred that thinking into the classified problem area. The unique approach was high risk but high reward, with the fund holder fully engaged.

The Benefits

In QinetiQ’s own words ‘we generated 500+ ideas, 150-200 of which were completely new and unique, this is an unusually good result in this problem space’. They continue to use the illusion experts, some of whom have been security cleared to work on classified problems, and are currently working on the Phase 2 implementation of the project.