March 10th, 2016

Motivation is an international disability charity that provides wheelchairs and programmes to disabled people throughout the world. The management team in the UK are highly committed to deliver the maximum amount of support to disabled people on the budget they have, and to achieve this, the team needs to be high performing, both as individuals and together, thinking differently about how to get the most out of the resources they have.

How did Treehouse help?

Each manager completed their Insights Discovery profiles and had a 2 hour 1:1 discussion with our fully qualified Insights Practitioner, Pam Rawlins. This helped each individual understand what makes them tick, understanding strengths and blind spots for development. We then brought the team together, shared their profiles and helped them see how they blend as a team. This built into conversations about how they communicate, how they work together in good times and bad, and what they need to do next.

The Benefits

The team had an open dialogue about both strengths and blind spots, and are actively working to become high performing with our support. The Director sees this programme as a fundamental part of the team’s personal development for the year.