Milk Link

Milk Link

February 23rd, 2012

The challenge

‘The cross functional team needs to work more closely together and come up with creative category solutions. We also want to crack the brand positioning for one of our cheese brands which is not performing as it should.

We are the link in the chain between dairy farmers and the supermarkets – and we add value to milk by making it into high quality cheese, drinks and other dairy products. We produce most of the supermarkets’ own label cheese, and we want to find ways to continue to grow the value of the category for supermarkets, ourselves and our farmers.’

How did treehouse help?

We ran a 2 day Live Action Learning programme to train the cross functional team on the TREEANGLE and how to think differently. On day 2 they applied and practised this learning on how to re-position one of their cheese brands to improve its performance. After 6 months, we ran a follow up engagement workshop to review & share success, and plan next action.

The Benefits

They generated over 100 new ideas across packaging, pricing, product and positioning. They prioritised and action planned their favourites and are working together as a cross-functional team like never before, they have a real ‘One Team’ ethos.