Interview – Dawn Bennion, BAE Systems

Interview – Dawn Bennion, BAE Systems

July 27th, 2017


Dawn Bennion

Job Title:

International Customer Service Manager


Combat Air Product Support

Dawn is a manager in BAE’s Combat Air Product Support department.  Along with 25 other managers, Dawn attended Treehouse’s Managing Contribution programme in 2017.

Had you heard of Treehouse before BAE Combat Air decided to invest in Contribution training?

No, I had never heard of the Treehouse programme.

Did you have any preconceptions of what to expect prior to attending the first workshop? None at all.

None at all

In your own words could you please briefly explain what the programme entailed?

In summary the programme I believe was designed to help me become a more effective manager and showed me methods which enabled me to make a difference to the wider organisation. The programme encouraged me to think differently, use my immediate team effectively and continually challenge the status quo.  It also gave me the ability to share my journey with my terrific mentor…Pam

Prior to starting the programme did you feel this type of training was something you could benefit from? 

Yes absolutely, as a manager I most definitely found the programme beneficial and would most certainly recommend it.  Unfortunately, when becoming a manager you do not get a rule book and it can be an emotional roller coaster… won’t always make the right choices/decisions, but it is so important to learn from your mistakes.

Now the first phase is complete, do you think you have benefitted from the whole process and if so how?

Yes most certainly, I think much differently now, I make myself far more aware of the bigger picture.  I make a much more conscious effort to understand people and their personal circumstances and do not judge.  I am more receptive to criticism and most importantly have improved my work/life balance.

Has this programme impacted upon your day to day/future working practices? If yes, how?

I focus much more on the bigger rocks and the tasks/activities that will have the bigger impact/results, I use the personal approach and do not rely on emails which tends to be the biggest cause of miscommunication.  I am also far more aware of people and provide support as and when required.

Do you think this programme affected your team (previous team before moving to your new position) in a positive manner and if so how?

Yes I’m certain it affected my team, I made a conscious effort to share my Treehouse journey with my team and encouraged them to learn from my experiences.  The team become far more aware of the importance of relationships and we became a much stronger team.

Which part of the programme did you find most useful?

I thoroughly enjoyed the tutor led day events with the all programme members and my 1-2-1 mentor sessions.

Would you recommend Treehouse and the Managing Contribution programme?

Yes I most certainly would.

Interested in finding more about the Combat Air programme that Dawn took part in, or the Managing Contribution Programme?  Click on the links or contact Helen at Treehouse.