The Science

The science of creativity

The brain is made up of 100 billion neurons or brain cells.

The ability the brain has to change our behaviour is  called neuroplasticity


The Science

Information flows around the brain through the stimulation of connections between the neurons across a gap called the synaptic gap. This synaptic connection strengthens the more it is used, and weakens if it is not used – giving rise to the ‘use it or lose’ it saying.

TREEANGLE applies stimulus to the brain, strengthening the synaptic connection and creating neuroplasticity, allowing us to change our behaviour.

A strong neural pathway is great for walking, talking or eating, but not so great when it comes to thinking differently. If you think the same way all the time, your brain will develop mental ruts.

If you apply stimulus to the brain it will form new neural pathways and you will literally be thinking differently.

We all have brains, neurons and synapses, so it follows that everyone can think differently… all you have to do is apply stimulus.  TREEANGLE helps you do that in a way that is simple, easy to use, flexible and tried and tested.