Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning

As Joel A. Barker said,

“Vision without action is merely a dream.

Action without vision just passes the time.

Vision with action can change the world.”

Strategic Planning lies at the heart of delivering an impactful brand and business; it provides direction and allows everyone to point in the same direction. It is essential to put in place strategies and plans that are based on rigorous thinking. We have developed a simple and pragmatic 6 step approach to provide a structure for strategic business and brand planning;

1. Situation analysis – an audit of what’s happening, and what does it mean to us? Where have we been and where are we going…and most importantly, why?

2. Strategic objective setting – what do we want to achieve and by when?

3. Strategies – how should the objective be reached, and how can we make that happen?

4. Plans – what are our detailed actions and resources (including budgets) that are needed to execute the strategies?

5. Execution – making it happen by executing the plans

6. Tracking – measuring the results and identifying the new situation. Is the objective being achieved or not, and why?

Each step is linked and the process is cyclical, or iterative, with new learning being fed back into a revised situation analysis, allowing for easy updates and a constantly relevant strategy and plan. The result of the 6 step process is a clear set of impactful and measurable strategies and plans designed to meet your objectives. And of course, within the structure there is plenty of space for Thinking Differently to ensure your plans are novel and make a difference.

You can access our strategic planning skills either through training (where we use your situation as a means to train you on the 6 step process) or facilitation (where we work with you to create a strategic plan). Just pick up the phone (01452 770680) or drop us a line ( to find out what might suit your business.


Embedded within the situation analysis step, are Insights. Truly understanding your customers or your staff, what makes them tick, why they behave in a certain way and what motivates them, gives you the edge over your competitors and allows you to target your customers in a highly relevant and engaging manner.

Insightful communication is key to marketing success, product development and creating brands that get noticed.

What do we mean by INSIGHTS?

Looking at the reasons behind a trend or observation.  Here’s an example; more people are buying ethical and sustainable goods and this market is showing strong growth.

If we now ask WHY, we generate an UNDERSTANDING of people’s motivations and the type of behaviour that helps to make this fact true:

-          I want to be kind to the planet

-          I want to be considerate to the people making the products

-          I want to make sure there is a planet here for my children and grandchildren

-          I want to feel like I am doing the right thing

-          I want to feel good about myself

It’s this knowledge that opens the door to insightful communication and starts to build a relationship with your customer.

Our approach to gaining insights will help you to improve communications with your staff, your customers and your partners, giving you a clearer more engaging voice.