Counter Terrorism Centre, Ministry of Defence

Counter Terrorism Centre, Ministry of Defence

February 24th, 2012

The challenge

The CT Centre is a scientific and technological centre of excellence tasked with solving some of the most difficult terrorism challenges. Many of the problems that reach the CT Centre’s doors have been worked on for some time yet remain unsolved. The need to come up with new ideas that work in practice is acute, literally a matter of life and death.

How did treehouse help?

We trained a team of Creativity Champions to be experts in thinking differently, and then worked with them to engage the rest of their organisation using the Short ‘n’ Sharp programme. The Champions now effectively and efficiently facilitate workshops to solve challenging classified problems within the organisation.

The Benefits

They CT Centre has applied (and continue to apply) new thinking to come up with solutions for their different challenges – these include saving lives in Afghanistan by countering Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) and improving airport security whilst making lives a little easier for travellers.

The success of the programme has resulted in two of the senior Treehouse Trainers gaining SC Security Clearance allowing us to work on classified topics. We continue to work with the Ministry of Defence who are our longest standing and largest client, a record of which we are very proud.