Defence Science and Technology Laboratory [dstl], Ministry of Defence

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory [dstl], Ministry of Defence

February 23rd, 2012

The challenge

“I am in the Futures and Innovation Domain and I have been charged with ensuring dstl becomes more innovative. I have recruited a team of 15 Innovation Advocates from various scientific and technological domains within dstl and between us we need to get better results from our programmes by innovating and thinking differently. The team’s enthusiasm is high, but skill level varies.”

How did treehouse help?

We brought the Innovation Advocates’ skills level up to a consistent, advanced level through training using the 2 day Live Action Learning workshop and worked with them on how to engage others in their departments. Subsequently we have run further training courses & facilitated workshops on live challenges to embed the learning and engage the wider team. The team has made good use of the technical helpline to plan their own facilitated workshops and we continue to work with them to further improve the skill base across dstl and the Innovation Advocates to expert level.

The Benefits

‘Light the blue touch paper and stand back’ would be the way to sum this one up! Whilst the specific results are classified the Innvoation Advocates have been facilitating workshops on all manner of technological areas, have supported each other’s work and skills development, are engaging other departments, companies and countries, are benchmarking and learning from best practice and are planning exhibitions and events to increase awareness of the programme and its results.