BAE Systems

BAE Systems

March 10th, 2016

BAE Systems has undergone a transformation, and needs senior and middle managers to think differently about how they manage in order to increase the amount of contribution they make towards achieving the company’s vision, mission and goals. It’s not about what their people do – the activities they undertake – but about the DIFFERENCE they make. BAE want to move towards being a more service orientated company, delivering brilliantly every time for their customers, and wants their people to make a valuable contribution towards this vision.

How did Treehouse help?

We worked with the F35 and Combat Air teams, developing people’s awareness and understanding of what contribution is (vs performance), how people contribute through their careers and, through self-assessments, identified where they were on their individual contribution curves. All managers were involved and learned new methods of working through a series of facilitated workshops. Personal mentoring then helped each person apply their learning in a way that was relevant to them and their team. 

The Contribution Curve

The Contribution Curve is a method for monitoring and recording an individual’s Contribution progress.


Involved in execution of work, uses own skills & knowledge, makes decisions.


Sets team vision, mission & goals. Builds good team relationships and creates a team that functions


Grows the team, empowers team to solve problems, develops team members, embeds processes, engages with customers and suppliers to understand expectations.


Engages with peer managers to solve organisational problems.  Collaborates and engages and supports peers in their development. Engages with suppliers, coaches team for new challenges.


Advises seniors on implementation of strategy, understands strategic challenges, plans strategically for the future, supports the learning of peers and their teams.

The benefits

By the end of the programme all Managers had moved up their Contribution Curve with some recording significant improvement from ‘Reacting’ to ‘Directing’ and ‘Facilitating’.  All were fully engaged and committed to the process and learnt to be less involved in technical delivery and more supportive in helping their teams deliver and think for themselves. Managers have already recognised the need for better communication and have pro-actively kick-started a communication initiative.