Simple Really…

So you’re in a mental rut.  You need to overcome a business problem or challenge and just can’t see a way round it, or maybe you need to inject some fresh thinking into your business model.   Remember our Russian Gangster, Neuroscientist and Mathematician in that bar…?

Thanks to them and the research we undertook into the processes they went through to achieve success, we have created the TREEANGLE – a toolkit of methods and behaviours that have been used successfully used in business and public sector organisations to deliver new thinking that produces real results, day in, day out.

The toolkit consists of a three step process, three behaviours and 66 tools.  It’s all you need to think differently and generate bigger, better, faster, cost effective results.


  • easy to use
    simple, clear and impactful – easy to remember and adopt
  • a balance of rigour and creativity
    delivers bigger, better, faster ideas that are realistic and creative, ‘owned’ by you, the creators
  • tried & tested
    developed from primary research amongst creativity experts, and proven over and again
  • flexible
    for any challenge or situation
  • second nature
    develops both skills and behaviours making creativity intuitive and something you do all day, everyday

Imagine yourself in a Treehouse – sitting amidst fresh green leaves surrounded by fresh air and blue sky, supported by the solid trunk of a beech tree, drawing sustenance from the ground. This metaphor reflects the philosophy behind the TREEANGLE – a process which starts and ends with a rigorous, well grounded approach but with blue sky thinking in between. The TREEANGLE tool kit and behaviours stimulate different thinking, gently pushing you out of your comfort zone – yet are accessible, easy to use and have been tried and tested in diverse businesses and challenges, from developing new packaging to saving lives in Afghanistan.