Meet the team

The Team

Where the left side of the brain shakes hands with the right side…

We have more than 80 years of combined commercial experience – with the commercial savvy & ‘know how’ that comes from running big businesses and understanding the challenges required to deliver results.  We are all practitioners in what we train, coach and facilitate – having used the Treeangle approach time and again to great effect in the corporate world.

We practice what we preach – thinking differently everyday in our business – and have an eclectic mix of hobbies & interests, from salsa dancing, through to garden design and fire eating!



Specialist subject: Helping teams think differently.

Knottiest challenge solved: Explaining to a four year old how brains work, what an angel is and how petrol makes a car go…oh and helping grown ups come up with new ways to resolve hostage situations

Best idea: Founding Treehouse!

Would like to: Build a peach house

Quality most admires in others: Doing something rather than talking about doing it.

What I’ve been up to before… Creativity trainer and consultant, Business Leader at Kraft Foods, Marketing Manager at Bass Brewers,  MBA from Lancaster Business School, Chemistry degree from University of Bristol

“I love seeing light-bulbs going on around the room as delegates have that ‘Aha’ moment.”


Specialist subject: Helping people realise their potential

Loves: Having to work through a challenge – mental or physical!

Knottiest challenge solved: Running a workshop for 60 people in Moscow with all presentations and break out groups in Russian (and not speaking a word of Russian!)

Best idea: Deciding to do a round-the-world trip about 12 years ago

Would like to: Do a half Ironman!

Quality most admires in others: Honesty and loyalty

What I’ve been up to before: Marketing consultant, Diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage, Senior Marketer in Sara Lee, Senior Marketer in Wilkinson Sword, Innovation as Bass Brewers, European Business Administration degree at Middlesex University and Fachhochschuele Reutlingen, Germany.

 I bring a pragmatic approach.. and the energy and enthusiasm to make it happen!


Specialist subjects: Strategy & people development, sometimes both at the same time!

Loves: Helping people to move forward to achieve their goals in life, both business and personal.

Best idea: Taking Dove from a functional “moisturising” brand to an emotional “real beauty” brand in the UK market

Would like to: Transform the Education system, building self-esteem and life skills not just exam passes

Quality most admires in others:  Following your passions

What I’ve been up to before…  Small Business & Marketing Consultant, Senior Manager at Kraft Foods and Unilever, MA in Psychology and Physiology at Magdalen College, Oxford.

“My knottiest challenge – navigating a rare and undiagnosed illness for 4 years whilst being a mother to my young son. The good news – we got through and are both fine!”


Specialist subjects: Coaching & training using Insights Colours

Loves: Turning business problems into practical solutions

Best idea: Using actors to role play workplace scenarios in a major logistics change programme resulting in increased employee engagement

Would like to: Make a difference in the world

Quality most admires in others: having the courage to change

What I’ve been up to before…  working with M&S and its Supply Chain providers DHL, Wincanton & others to put in place a behavioural change programme around its ‘One Team’ values. Prior to going ‘agency side’, Pam worked as the European HR Director with Hewlett Packard and she is fully trained in Insight Colours and MBTI  and has an MBA from Bath University.

“I am the glue in a team – bringing an objective, different and practical approach!”


Specialist subject: Coaching and mentoring special people & helping them to achieve their dreams

Loves:  being the catalyst for people and organisational growth

Knottiest challenge solved: Closing a plant of 200 people and keeping the people motivated to see it as an opportunity for a new lives and careers

Best idea: having the courage to believe in myself and change career at the age of 58

Would like to: die tired with plenty left to do – not bored

Quality most admires in others:the ability to have a constructive oversight in complex and conflicting situations

What I’ve been up to before: a Fellow of the IMechE with 40 years in  international manufacturing, specialising in lean methodology, people development and customer service

10 years as a coach, mentor and confidante to ambitious people including peer group facilitation with Vistage International

I love helping people to grow with confidence to be the best person they want to be, doing what they love doing and then watching them fly


Specialist subject:  Research & innovation

Loves:  Generating ideas.

Knottiest challenge solved:  Delivering 12 million free Coca-Cola glasses (intact!) to consumers across the UK.

Best idea: Redefining Philadelphia to be about cooking not just sandwiches. Year 1 was up 12% and consistent growth has followed since.

Would like to Live a carbon neutral life by the water.

What I’ve been up to before… Researcher & Trainer, Senior Manager at Kraft Foods, Senior Manager at Mitchells and Butlers, Communications Management at Coca-Cola, Brand Management at Walkers and Hospitality Management Degree at Bournemouth Uni.

“The quality I most admire in others is passion backed up with action”


Specialist subject: Supply chain strategy and managing challenging projects

Knottiest challenge solved: Driving the aggressive roll out of the Tassimo coffee system globally with new factories, suppliers and markets

Best idea: Changing career after 20 years, scary and exciting!

Would like to: Build a treehouse….

Quality most admires in others: Say it like it is and treating others well

What I’ve been up to beforeSupply chain leader at Mondelez, MSc from Cranfield University, Supply Chain Management degree from Venlo University in the Netherlands

I love developing creative solutions to tough challenges with cross functional/regional teams!


Specialist subject: Coaching leaders and leadership teams to solve problems, improve performance and grow vision

Knottiest challenge: solved: How to gather and present essential and brutally honest feedback to the owner and CEO of a growing business, about his business

Best idea: Instigating the role of ‘critical friend’ for trainers presenting their new training tools at an annual European Trainers Conference.  The aim was to support them to both present and develop their ideas

Would like to: Spend more time sailing around the Scottish Islands

Quality most admires in others: Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship – which include both innovation and tenacity

What I’ve been up to before:  A few years in the oil industry in Egypt; a few more years in adventure-based learning in the Lake District; a few years in the youth and community sector in the UK and Europe; fifteen years as a coach, facilitator and trainer in a wide variety of sectors – including health, technology, engineering and hospitality

I still get a buzz from interpreting a brief and designing learning opportunities that get clients excited and engaged


Specialist subject: Marketing Communications & Copywriting

Knottiest challenge solved:  creating, writing, publishing and marketing a range of children’s books into leading bookstores and online platforms

Best idea:  aligning a small children’s charity to a leading firm of lawyers which, via innovative events and PR activities, helped to significantly improve the profile of the law firm and in return raised tens of thousands for the charity.

Would like to: Gain a 1st class honours degree in Creative Writing (currently in my 1st year at University)

Quality most admires in others: courage

What I’ve been up to before: freelance marketing communications professional for a wide range of industry sectors, copywriter for a national advertising agency and PR Consultancy working on brands such as Peugeot Talbot, C&G and Wella, brand development for clients in the legal and dance sectors

I love coming up with creative solutions to challenging problems.


Specialist subject: numbers

Would like to: spend more time seeing the world’s geological wonders, especially the explosive ones on plate boundaries

Quality most admires in others: integrity and a sense of calm

What I’ve been up to before: I have a degree in Geology and worked for 9 years in an IT services company as a computer programmer and then manager, which probably explains my love of numbers


There is nothing quite as pleasing as seeing a successful project through from inception to completion (and all the figures stack up).


Specialist subject: Unlocking potential in people

Knottiest challenge: Getting two children to junior school every day

Best idea: Designing a talent management solution for aspiring NHS finance leaders to reduce the use of expensive interim finance directors

Would like to: Revisit West, Central and East Africa having had a wonderful time travelling there after University

Quality most admires in others: Quiet leadership

What I’ve been up to before:  Developing employee volunteering with Zurich Financial Services and then South West Business in the Community when it was first becoming part of corporate social responsibility, Facilitating business planning days for Law Firms, Developing coaching and mentoring services for senior finance professionals in the NHS.


I love enabling busy business leaders to step back from the hectic day to day to view things differently, it’s amazing what can be achieved in a short space of time


Specialist subject: Developing organisational capability and sustainable business growth

Knottiest challenge solved:  Leading a business from start up to become a conscious competitor of a global giant.

Best idea: Taking up triathlon and recognising the importance of equilibrium between career, relationships and pastime.

Would like to: Still be doing triathlon when I’m 80!

Quality most admires in others: Integrity and leaving things better than you found them

What I’ve been up to before: Managing Director SME’s, Commercialisation and Innovation at Coca-Cola, Logistics at Bass Brewers, NED Chair at Citizens Advice, Consultant for Strategy and Business Development, Enterprise Mentor.

I love new ideas, continual improvement and creating an environment to enable people to be the best they can


Specialist subject: Business Model Design / Contract Management / Negotiation

Knottiest challenge solved: Solving a £20M funding challenge on a major UK IT programme, through joint working with the customer.

Best idea: Deciding to work at Treehouse, obviously (I’m still the new boy). 

Would like to:  Travel more, worry less, and open up some space in my career to work with young people.

Quality most admires in others: People who are brave enough to offer polite but honest feedback – that’s a gift. 

What I’ve been up to before: Economics degree, over 10 years leading contracts in aerospace, helping launch a new business unit and entering a new market with Boeing UK. 


I enjoy working through new ideas with other creative people, but I love people who are willing to take action to make them happen.