Don’t take our word for it

“I’m seeing most change in the people who need this most.  People have visibly taken something from this programme.  They are actively living it, doing it.  It has changed behaviours.”

Eugene, BAE Systems

“My managers are thinking differently.  It has identified or confirmed ‘non-managers’, has helped with stress levels and the independent contribution coaching is a powerful technique to help you challenge yourself.”

Dave, BAE Systems

” We have improved performance and customer service and this programme has definitely contributed to that.”

Kevin, BAE Systems

“We have improved performance and customer service and this programme has definitely contributed to that.”

Kevin, BAE Systems

“Treehouse provides a framework to think differently.  Through its structured approach you can comfortably set out to explore challenging conceptual spaces to discover new opportunities.  The Treeangle toolkit helps to create a balance between free form thinking and focused, purposeful endeavour.  It is inherently versatile and flexible, I have yet to find a challenge (technical or otherwise) where it has not been useful!

In addition Treehouse also provides a safety net to support you as you learn and develop.  This is a winning combination to support learning and implementation of these new skills “

Neal, IA, dstl, Ministry of Defence

” Took the team on the  journey and got more out of us than we thought possible – good job! “

Simon, Project Leader, Magnox

” Many more ideas emerged than I expected – you covered a vast amount of ground ”

Rob, dstl Innovation Advocate, Ministry of Defence

” It was fast paced, interesting and lively – plus well planned, well briefed and well executed ”

Andrew, dstl Innovation Advocate, Ministry of Defence

” I liked your expertise, knowledge and flexibility – and the energy and variety you brought. It was a very confident delivery and you were not phased by anything ”

Peter, dstl Innovation Advocate, Ministry of Defence

“ A great source of inspiration for my executive coaching business! What I most appreciated was the structured approach and challenging yet supportive style. I recommend them highly “

Kevin Caulfield – Managing Director – Caulfield Coaching Limited

“ Great atmosphere which was down to your team’s enthusiasm and clear instruction. I like the idea of using different/appropriate methods of brainstorming to keep it relevant, fresh and fun “

Peter – Group Chairman – Vistage

“ We got some really good thought processes going that helped all involved and it appeared to motivate us all to think and help the others in the session “

Chris -Research Director – Ragdoll Research

“ Challenging, fun and informative – I’d do it again – twice “

Steve, Innovation Capability Manager, Counter Terrorism Centre, Ministry of Defence. 

“ Great at turning the chaos in our heads into something useful”

Dario, The Home Office

“ These courses have been an inspiration and tremendous fun – just what we needed”

Sally, GlaxoSmithkline R&D

“ A structured approach to innovation – even in an unstructured environment “

John, Innovation Manager, QinetiQ

“Educational, full of practical insights that make the techniques readily useable, and most of all we had FUN.”

John, Programme Leader, Counter Terrorism Centre, Ministry of Defence

“My team have already reacted positively to the talk, I’m seeing changes already – they are behaving differently – particularly pushing to get to the right definition. It’s all going in the right direction and I’m interested in the two day Live Action Learning programme please!”

Peyman, Kraft Foods R&D, Paris