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About Us

What do a Russian Gangster, a Neuroscientist, a Mathematician and a cold case policeman have in common?  They think differently.

Not all are ‘traditionally creative’ but all are experts in thinking differently to achieve a cracking result, whether it be catching killers, writing a bestseller or rehabilitating stroke victims.

And that is what’s fascinating.

More than eight years ago, we conducted some primary research into how people think differently and spoke to ‘traditionally creative’ people such as designers and authors, as well as those less obviously creative, like our Mathematician.

We found a remarkable degree of commonality in the process they all went through, as well as some very interesting common behaviours.

That was the start of our Treehouse journey.  We began to look at how we could use what we learned to create a series of processes and behaviours that could help businesses deliver new ways of thinking.

After years of refining our craft, the team at Treehouse has built a reputation for delivering innovative programmes that really change the way you think; helping businesses across the board, reach their goals and objectives, deliver new business models and strategies launch new products or services, motivate their staff, build teams and build successful brands.